• What are the chances of becoming pregnant?

    Assisted reproductive treatments are never 100% successful.

    As far as percentages is concerned, whereas in artificial insemination they are around 14-21% of pregnancy, in the case of In Vitro Fertilization they are around 40%.

    It is to be noted that these percentages depend greatly on the age of patients, the factor infertility, the lifestyle …

    Nowadays, the research centres are working to improve these techniques and the obtained results.

  • If I undergo a reproductive treatment, will I gain weight?

    Hormonal treatments used in these techniques don’t lead to weight gain. However, one of their side effects can be fluid retention. It is therefore not surprising that throughout the processing period the patient presents certain degree of inflammation or abdominal distention.

  • What are the chances of multiple births?

    It is important to know that, as a consequence of these treatments, it is possible that the result is a multiple pregnancy.

    It is more frequent in the case of in vitro fertilization than in artificial insemination, since with regard to the former, the current law allows to put up to three embryos per transfer, and thereby increase the likelihood of multiple pregnancies, which can be as high as 30%.

    The number of embryos to transfer within legal limits is the couple’s choice.

  • Are the children born as a result of assisted reproduction more likely to suffer some form of genetic alteration?

    The children born as a result of assisted reproduction techniques have the same probability of suffering a genetic alteration (2-3%) than the ones conceived through the act of sexual intercourse.

  • Can I have children if I have a tubal ligation or the tubes are blocked?

    It is possible to have children in this situation thanks to the in vitro fertilization treatment, as the eggs are obtained ignoring the status of fallopian tubes.

  • Can I have children after a vasectomy?

    Yes, you can have children. In this situation a testicular biopsy must be done in order to remove sperm from the testis and subsequently an In Vitro Fertilization by ICSI is done (see section IVF).

  • What are the main causes of infertility?

    40 % Female factor
    40% Male factor
    20% Unknown origin

  • Is it necessary to rest after the procedure?

    It is not necessary in the case of insemination.

    In every case, the doctor will determine what the best is for each patient individually and according to the treatment.

  • How can I know is my sperm is good?

    The first “indispensable” test is a spermogramme, which gives us information about the sperm concentration, motility, morphology and vitality. Depending on the outcome of the analysis, a visit to the andrologist is recommended, who will determine if there is need of further study.

  • When do we have to look for help if we don’t achieve pregnancy?

    It is recommended to go to an infertility centre if pregnancy is not achieved after one year and a half of regular sexual relations.
    If the patient is older than 35, it is recommend to ask for help after six months.

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